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Romgaz, Banca Transilvania and BRD meet the eligibility criteria FTSE Global All Cap Index

The global supplier of indicators FTSE Russell announced on Thursday that the shares of the Romanian companies Romgaz, Banca Transilvania and BRD-Groupe Societe Generale meet the eligibility criteria FTSE Global All Cap Index on 28 June 2018, says the press release.

In parallel, FTSE Russell showed that the capital market of Romania will be classified from  the statute of Border market to that of Secondary Emerging market starting with September 2020.

During the annual revision procedure, the committee for the classification of the countries decided that Romania made progress at the criterion ‘ liquidity – sufficient liquidity of the market to support significant global investments’ so that the grade was improved from ‘ restricted’ to ‘ accomplished’.

‘As a consequence, Romania meets the nine criteria FTSE Quality of Markets, necessary for the statute of secondary emerging market in the framework of classification of FTSE’ said the British agency.

On the BVB are listed 84 companies only on the main market and together, have a capitalization of 36 billion euro.

FTSE is a world leader for the classification of the stock exchange indicators.