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NN Asigurari launches NN Safety Belt

NN Asigurari launches the NN Safety Belt, an insurance policy that provides protection and financial support in the event of a car accident resulting in death, developed in a strategic partnership with www.roviniete.ro. The insurance has a fixed annual cost and can be purchased 100% online, quick and easy, supporting customers to protect their family's financial situation in unfortunate moments.


The new insurance is addressed to people aged between 18 and 65 who want protection when traveling by car, both as driver or as passenger. With the NN Safety Belt, customers have the peace of mind that, in the event of an accident, their family can rely on a sum of money to manage financially.


Romania continues to record the highest number of deaths from car accidents in the European Union1, and data shows that many families are becoming more and more financially vulnerable in such difficult times. Insurance for car accidents resulting in the death of the insured person is a much-needed safety belt through which customers can financially protect their loved ones when it is most needed", explains Ramona Juncu, Deputy General Manager of NN Insurance.


The insurance offers two levels of protection that customers can choose from, depending on the financial needs of their family. The Premium package provides 100,000 lei for an annual insurance premium of only 36 lei, while the Standard package offers 50,000 lei for only 26 lei per year.


This way, the NN Safety Belt can contribute to reducing the protection gap in Romania. In an unforeseen situation such as an accident or a health problem, a family would need, on average, an additional 132,000 lei beyond the available financial resources to maintain their standard of living, according to data from the National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania (UNSAR) for 2022. Approximately 10,000 families who lost a loved one as a result of an accident or a health problem received financial support from insurance totaling 337 million lei in 2022, UNSAR data also shows.


The NN Safety Belt covers car accidents resulting in death that happen in Romania. Customers benefit from protection both when driving a vehicle for personal purposes, as well as when they are passengers, whether in a personal vehicle or one used for professional purposes, such as taxis or ridesharing.


Just like drivers don't get behind the wheel without an RCA insurance and make sure they purchase the vignettes they need easily and quickly, online, they should also consider their safety and travel by car with the NN Safety Belt. Through our partnership with NN, we are pleased to offer roviniete.ro customers such a necessary solution, in a process as simple as purchasing a vignette", said Radu Banzea, General Manager of Scala Assistance, the company that owns and operates roviniete.ro.