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Trade: Survey: 60% of Romanians consider breakfast very important and 54% eat dairy products in the morning


60% of Romanians consider breakfast very important and 54% eat dairy products in the morning; 22% of those who eat breakfast choose at least a dairy product in the menu, adults prefer yogurt, children like cereals and milk, while milk and coffee is the most used beverage based on milk, according to a survey made by the research company Epiphany for FrieslandCampina Romania, released on June 1, the International Milk Day.


Only 6 out of 10 Romanians consider that breakfast is important and tend to spend no more than 10 minutes to prepare breakfast during week days. However, during weekends they spend over 15 minutes to prepare breakfast.In Romania, breakfast (32%) and intermediate snack (33%) are considered as important.


Over half of Romanians (54%) eat dairy products in the morning, yogurt being preferred by adults, while three out of five children eat dairy products in the morning, the most popular being cereals and milk.


Dairy consumers are families with children who consider that breakfast and a healthy diet are important. General dairy consumption is determined more by dairy products (butter, cheese, yogurt) -36%, rather than dairy beverages (milk, drinkable yogurt) – 29%. Most dairy products are consumed during breakfast and brunch.


As for preferences for various dairy products, survey respondents mentioned simple yogurt most often, followed by cheese, cereals with milk and cream cheese.

Children eat more dairy products than adults, mainly milky beverages, consumed by three out of five children in the morning.


Cereals with milk are the main “vehicle” for dairy consumption among children, as they represent the best and most comfortable selection for breakfast and brunch.

The survey company Epiphany made the study last year, to understand morning routines of Romanian consumers and the types of food and beverages they prefer. 1,490 men and women aged between 18 and 65 years and 757 parents who answered for their children aged between 2 and 12 participated in the study.


FrieslandCampina Romania is one of the main operators in the local dairy industry and part of the Dutch company FrieslandCampina, an organization from the top of world dairy producers. FrieslandCampina is present in the Romanian market with the brands Napolact, Campina, Oke and Dots.