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Trade: Fruits, vegetables, 4th and 5th most retailed products in Romania in 2018


Fruits and vegetables were 4th and 5th in the ranking of retailed products in Romania in 2018, after meat, cigarettes and beer, according to data released at an event dedicated exclusively to the fruit and vegetable industry.

According to the same source, fruit consumption in modern retail was higher by 15% in volume and 10% in value, between November 2018 and October 2019, according to data extracted from the sales analysis of six modern retail trade chains in Romania.

From a value point of view (money spent by consumers), the developments in the fruits category was lower than those recorded in the vegetables category (+ 8.5% in volume and + 30% in value).

"From a value point of view, in the last year (November 2018 - October 2019), fruits and vegetables were among the 5th most retailed products in modern commerce (international supermarket and hypermarket chains), in the universe monitored by RetailZoom. More precisely, fruits and vegetables were 4th and 5th in the sales value ranking, respectively, immediately after the main categories of sales: meat, cigarettes, and beer. The value of fruits sold was 19% over the value of vegetables, while the sales volume of fruits was by 34 % higher," according to RetailZoom Mnaging Director Bogdana Gheorghe.

Regarding the profitability of the Romanian growers industry, the turnover of farmers of non-permanent crops, including vegetables, increased marginally as against 2017, exceeding by 5.4% the level of 2014, as per data extracted in October 2019.

Another direction that fruit and vegetable farmers should take into consideration is that of developing raw produce processing facilities. Romania has earmarked 6.2 billion euros for rural development in 2021-2027, and a large part of the funds should be found in the development of processing facilities.

About 200 professionals participated in the Ro-Fruits & Vegetables Show, an event dedicated exclusively to the local fruit and vegetable industry.