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Telecom. IT: Survey: The Romanians spend at least one hour per day on social media


The largest part of the Romanians (93%) spend at least one hour per day on social media and almost a quarter (21%) spend more than four hours, show the results of a study made by Zitec and Ipsos.

Facebook is still the most used platform of social media (86%), followed by Instagram (69%) and Tiktok (61%), the last having the highest increase in the Romanians’ preferences, as compared to last year (+20%).

According to the research, Twitter gained over the last months more reputation at national level and records a share of 30% when it comes to weekly use, surpassing LinkedIn, the latter being the fourth in the top of uses with 29% of the total.

As regards the number of hours which the Romanians spend on the social media, almost half (48%) admitted that they spend three hours/day, 21% spend over four hours/day and 93% at least one hour/day.

Similarly, 68% of the interviewees follow at least one influencer or a celebrity on online and 43% of them chose to acquire products or they have discovered some new products, after they had been promoted by influencers.

As for online consumption, over 60% of the interviewees opt for video, while only 29% of the Romanians said that the commercials they watch online are most relevant to them. In this way, 57% of the interviewees consider that they preferred to watch commercials which amuse them or help them relax, and the least appreciated (by 48% of the interviewees) are those which seem to promote a political agenda.

The research shows that, for 61% of the Romanians, price is the one that makes the difference when it comes to the brand they choose to buy from, and the trend for acquisition it is online. Thus, 83% prefer to buy from physical shops, as for clothes the percentage drops at 58% but in the case of electronic products 59% prefer to order them online.

Half of the interviewees (50%) stated that they bought often enough or several times products or services after seeing a commercial online, even if they did not know the brand.

‘Although the commercials have strong influence, 91% of the interviewees say they search sometimes or often enough online before making a purchase. The Romanians prefer to find information about the products firstly from a video presentation, then from a description and 90% consider that a 360 degree image on the page of a product will influence their decision to buy. Similarly, the number of images for the product on a website is important. Over five images, that is the number 85% of the consumers want to find for one article’, says the research.


The study made at national level in February 2023 on a sample of 500 people with ages between 18 and 55 showed that the Romanians acquire products online after finding information about them from reviews, appreciate if they have solid presence on the social media or they are promoted by influencers or celebrities they admire.

Leader on the IT&Digital Marketing market in Romania, Zitec is specialized in the development of business solutions, services and personalized technological products, mobile apps, blockchain, as well as services of digital marketing.

The international group of French origin, Ipsos, represents one of the biggest companies in the domain of market research, and is listed on the Paris stock exchange being present in 90 countries. In 2021, Ipsos Romania, the agency of research full-service celebrated 20 years of presence on the local market.