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Estimates: Corn yield about 13.7 million tons and 3.2 million tons for sunflower in 2021


The overall corn yield will be this year about 13.7 million tons, and that of sunflower 3.2 million tons, according to estimates, said Adrian Oros, the minister of agriculture and rural development.


Last year, the total sunflower yield was only 2.2 million tons, because of drought, while the average was 1,883 kg/ha.


The minister of agriculture said, about corn yield, that in 2021 the totl corn yield will reach 13.87 million tons, while last year 10.15 million tons were obtained. The average at national level is 5,393 g/ha. “In 2019 we reported a yield of 17 million tins, in 2018 it was 18.66 million tons of corn, but we know that there was also a European Commission reaction about those figures for having changed all estimates,” Oros said.