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What the elite of Europe debated in Bucharest

In contrast with the level and the orientation of the domestic public discourse, Bucharest hosted, discretely over the last three days, the annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission, where the international elite debated issues regarding the future of Europe, the relations with China and Russia or the situation of Transdniester. Leaders in industry and banking, former and present dignitaries or personalities in central banks and the academic world reunited starting with Friday night at the Romanian Atheneum where they attended a concert organised by the National Bank of Romania where the composers were only Romanian.

On the other hand, the BNR governor Mugur Isarescu is the first Romanian member of the Trilateral Commission, where there is also Mihai Tanasescu as representative of Romania to IMF. The host for the first day of discussions was the National Bank of Romania. After an ample presentation of Romania’s situation chaired by Isarescu himself, the discussions concentrated on the future of the European Union and the single currency, starting from the Greek crisis and Germany position, the biggest economy in the region and the most important contributor to the EU budget.

The debates in Bucharest suggest the future European agenda will focus on the relation between some rules set for member states and the availability for solidarity. The situation in Transdniester was presented several times, being, in fact, the only conflict at the EU border, even if “ frozen”.
The Republic of Moldova had probably one of the best prepared representatives who made a very pleasant impression, at least as regards the thoroughness of sensitive issues preparation. Another preoccupation of the European leaders seems to be their positioning towards China, the most dynamic economy of the last 20 years, where the old continent does not play a first hand role.
The meeting ended on Sunday at lunchtime.
The trilateral commission was created in 1973 at the initiative of David Rockefeller.