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What if PSD leaves the government ? Possible scenarios

If PSD leaves the government and breaks the protocol with the coalition partners, PD-L is still governing. According to the Constitution premier Emil Boc has the obligation to name other people to replace those who left for the vacant ministries. The premier could name interim people. According to the Constitution art.107 the interim period could be 45 days, while the new members of the government could be validated by the parliament. More exactly, the executive could work for a period of 45 days with interim people. If during the period of 45 days the premier did not impose his team in the parliament and receive their validation the premier must resign and the government is dissolute. There comes the president, according to the Constitution, with the role to name the premier who, in his turn, chooses his team to work with, respectively the ministers. Later now, the new premier comes in the parliament with his team to be validated. The MPs can reject the new team and the process could be repeated until presidential elections and the validation of a new president. During this time, the activity of the government is blocked partially being insured by the ministers and the premier. The moment the new president takes his mandate, he makes a new nomination for premier. In the case he is not validated by the parliament, the president has the right to declare early elections. If during the whole period of interim people there is a censure motion to be voted by the parliament, the interim cabinet is annulled. However, the interim cabinet does not stop its activity before the parliament validates a new government. Again the process is started and the president of Romania names the premier.
PD-L takes into consideration an interim government
Sources consider the democrat-liberals have discussed on Monday in the meeting of the Political Bureau if PSD gives up the government the PD-L ministers to take over one vacant portfolio and insure the interim period. More exactly, a PD-L minister could have two ministries, the initial one and another one during the interim period. According to the scheme drawn up by the democrat liberals, the interim government could resist until 12 November, 10 days before presidential elections. The same sources consider the democrat-liberals took into consideration a censure motion. If PNL or any other party has a censure motion which is adopted by the parliament, the government is dissolute.
In this case Traian Basescu comes in with the right to name the premier who, in his turn, forms the government. The parliament has the right to reject the proposals coming from the president but during this period the government interim period is supervised by Emil Boc and the initial team. The situation could be dragged until presidential elections.
PNL works on the censure motion
Sources in the PNL stated that a department of the party works on the text of a censure motion. According to the same sources, in the case PSD leaves the government the text of the motion could center on the crisis created by the two parties ruling the country. The liberals intend to point the finger to the two parties who, instead of dealing with the financial problems of the country fight for the position of home affairs minister.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009