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Vice chairman of the Academy: We need a country project, but we don’t have state people to put into practice


Acad.Bogdan Simionescu,vice-chairman of the Romanian Academy states that Romania needs a country project,but which cannot be put into practice due to the lack of state people.

‘I think we need a country project, but in order to have a country project to put into practice you need state people,whom I, personally do not know. I am sorry, I do not do politics.I don’t see them. I don’t see them. People who are able to explain, to conceive something generous, something  to unite us. We are a divided society’ stated acad. Simionescu, for Agerpres at the Politechnics University where he held a conference.

According to him, in order to achieve a national desire, we need some time,leaders and education.
‘We need some time, as we haven’t had time for a long time. A span of time to chew things, as they say, to think, to be quiet. No to intervene all the time. From the outside, from the country. We need leaders (…). We lack education, as we have illiterate people in Romania, as we made the mistake to close down schools in the countryside, in the villages. (…). We closed down the sanitary offices in the villages. We follow small objectives, we don’t try to do something big. We fight one another, this becomes important to hit the ones next to us, to  trip them, without seeing simple things, we would live better if we thought about the others as well. Then we could achieve something. We could rise. And what is wonderful is that from I have read we have the capacity to get reborn and regeneration is very high’ acad.Bogdan Simionescu said.

The vice chairman of the Romanian Academy  considers that the intellectuals should ‘ come down from the ivory tower’. Acad.Bogdan Simionescu held on Monday in the Hall of the Senate of the Politechnics University Bucuresti the conference on the theme ‘ The Romanian Academy and national unity’.

Together with the academics Cristian Hera, Ioan Aurel Popa and Victor Voicu, acad.Bogdan Simionescu are among the candidates running for the presidency of the Romanian Academy, being proposed by the Iasi Branch of the prestigious forum of science and culture. The elections for presidency will take place on 5 April.