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Vacant jobs rise 25 percent from 2010

At the beginning of 2011, the BestJobs.ro website recorded a highly significant increase in the job offers, namely by 25 percent more in the first two weeks of the year than the same period in 2010.

At present, over 11,000 job announcements are posted on the website, in various fields. The most vacant jobs are recorded in sectors such as SalesTrade with 4,172 job positions, SoftwareTechnology with 1,629 jobs, Marketing - 919 and Engineering with 817 jobs.

There are also other sectors BestJobs' clients are keen on like Banking or Customer Service. These fields are going to enter in the domains' ranking by the number of jobs available in 2011.

There are signs referring to 2010 as a better year, which involves a higher need of personnel with respect to the companies having felt constrained to reduce the number of employees to a certain extent or to postpone its raise. Both entry-level candidates (namely students for call-center jobs or cashiers for banks) and senior candidates are targeted for management positions within these companies, from administrative positions up to top managers positions.

The BestJobs is the recruiting website preferred by most companies and clients from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Republic of Moldova. At this moment, BestJobs.ro website has over 1.4 million active resumes in the database and also over 70,000 client companies, Agerpres informs.