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The launch of the edition “Poetical Alphabet” by C.P. Cavafy

The Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Bucharest The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Bucharest The World Council of Hellenes Abroad The Filekpaideftiki Etaireia Alumni Association (S.A.F.E.) The Hellenic Foundation for Culture SOFMEDICA Group of Companies and OMONIA Publishing House organized the launch of the edition “Poetical Alphabet” by C.P. Cavafy on Thursday, November 10, 2011 . Among the audiance were H.E. Mr Georgios Poukamissas , Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Bucharest , H.E. Mrs Sanaa Atallah , Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Bucharest , Mr Stefanos Tamvakis , President of the Council of the Hellenes Abroad , Mrs Noniki Perdika , President of the Alumni of the Filekpaideftiki Etaireia , Mr Georgios Sofianos , Managing Director of SOFMEDICA Group of Companies

The volume was introduced by Jacques Bouchard, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, Filippos Filippou and Liviu Franga.

Omonia Publishing House celebrates 20 years of activity in 2011 with the same author who made its debut. With the published editions, of which two bilingual and Complete Works in 2 volumes, Konstantinos P.Kavafis has become an emblem of Omonia. Born in 1863 in Egyptian Alexandria, Kavafis became the biggest Greek poet of the 20th century with his 250 poems. He is a poet who belongs to the world literary patrimony with hundreds of translations made from his poems.

The present volume is an anthology including 24 poems (one for each of the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet). Each poem, is accompanied by 11 translations in representative languages. The three big European groups are present, Romance, Germanic and Slavic (represented by the Russian language). Mention should be made of Kavafis original Latin work. The versions of the 24 poems are accompanied by over 100 illustrations belonging to painter Gheorghe Anghel. Kavafis poetry has been a source of inspiration for the Romanian artist, whose work received a Prize of the French Academy. The graphic work belongs to Anca Anghel Coller.