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The Haferland week, between 30th July and 1st August 


The Haferland week, at the nineth edition, dedicated to the Saxon culture and traditions in Transylvania will take place physically and online between 30 th July and 1st August on the premises or close to the fortified churches in Archita, Bunesti, Viscri, Saschiz, Homorod, Rupea, Crit and Mesendorf.

According to a press release of the organisers, Fundatia M&V Schmidt, the festival wants to be a coming back to the authentic values of the Saxons and a message for the support and promotion of the cultural and touristic potential of Hafenland – the Land of Oat.


 ‘We want to bring a symbolic message for the support of the community in the Haferland area, by promoting the culture, traditions, the valuable people and the places with long history. By drawing tourists in the area, by the programme of high cultural standard and by showcasing successful entrepreneurial activities in the Saxon localities, we want to revitalize these places and welcome the Romanians and those coming from abroad to enjoy the authentic values of the Oat Land’ stated Michael H.Schmidt, chairman of the Fundatia M&V Schmidt.

The events during the Haferland week are concentrated around the fortified churches in Archita, Bunesti, Viscri, Saschiz, Homorod, Crit and Mesendorf as well as in the nicely decorated centre of Rupea. The organisers will make a bird’s eye view in time and will bring the genuine traditions in the foreground, through music, dance and exhibitions of old objects.

The festival will start on 30th July, in Archita. Among the events of the day there is a classic music concert with ‘ Light Quartet’, a public debate on the issue ‘ Local entrepreneurs who take the tradition further’ and a programme of traditional dance from the Oat Land interpreted by the Traditional Dance Ensemble of the German Democratic Forum in Sibiu, which will take place in the fore yard of the church.

The same day, the 30th July, in Bunesti, in front of the medieval church the brass band ‘ Neppendorfer Blaskapelle’, the followers of the Saxon ensemble which was set up in 1879 will enchant the public with old melodies. The programme of the day includes a classic music concert held in the yard of the church by organ player Steffen Schlandt and the clarinet player Ciprian Dancu, a  poetry recital, in Romanian and German, presented by actors Alin Deac and Gabriela Pirliteanu, from the National Theatre ‘Radu Stanca’ in Sibiu. The programme will close with a series of fragments of classical music, interpreted by the quarter ‘ Light Quartet’.

According to the organisers, the evening  is dedicated to one of the well-known Saxon localities, Viscri. Pianist Johann Markel will start an unforgettable night, being followed by Florin Besoiu, the film maker who made a documentary on the fortified churches. The most expected moment is that of the traditional Saxon ball, organized by the foundation ‘ Mihai Eminescu Trust’ in a setting typically Saxon villages. The ensemble ‘ Trio Saxones’ will enchant the public with a pot-pourri of melodies from the traditions of the communities in Transylvania.

On 1st August, the main day of the festival, the visitors are invited to the travelling exhibition ‘ Samuel von Brukenthal – an early European’ presented by Thomas Sindilariu, state subsecretary with the Department for Interethnical relations of the government.

A very special moment is the concert ‘ Enescu – Bartok 140 years’ which will bring together, in an authentic sound manner, specific to the end of 9th century, ‘ The Romanian Rhapsody’ by George Enescu and the six Romanian Folk Dances by Bela Bartok.

The programme will also include a theatre play, interpreted by a group of young actors from the National Theatre’ Radu Stanca’ in Sibiu who will adapt a text by Mark Twain, entitled ‘ Adam and Eve’s diary’.

The festival Hafenland week is made in partnership with the ministry of culture and the foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust, Funda
tia ADEPT Transilvania, Asociatia Nowero, Primaria Rupea, Asociatia Descopera Archita, Asociatia Vecinatatea Femeilor din Saschiz and Fundatia Tabaluga.

The event is organized under the High Patronage of president Klaus Iohannis and prime-minister of Land North-Westfalia Renania, Armin Laschet.