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The government paid record interests of 8.6 billion lei for the public debt in Q1

The government paid in Q1 record interests of 8.6 billion lei, in the context where the public debt exploded last year, with a budgetary deficit of 102 billion lei, and the state continues with a very high deficit this year as well, which would reach  from 80 billion lei to almost 83 billion lei following the budgetary adjustment, and makes plans for expenditure, such as the National Plan for Investments Anghel Saligny which would have a budget of 50 billion lei between 2021 – 2028, Profit.ro says.

For the whole year, the expenditure with interests and commissions for the governmental public debt is estimated to 16.63 billion lei, a record sum. In the first six months of the previous year, the interests went up to 8.35 billion lei and for the whole year 2020 at 13.9 billion lei. The revenue of the budget for the first six months of this year was 176.38 billion lei, and the expenses 210.19 billion lei, with a deficit of 33.8 billion lei. According to the data published by the ministry of finances and quoted by Profit.ro, the level of state indebtedness was 49.5% of GDP in June, dropping slightly from 49.7% in May.


The threshold of 50% was, probably, surpassed in July, month for which the ministry did not publish any data, after the state borrowed at the beginning of the month 3.5 billion euro (17.2 billion lei) from the foreign market. The fact that they used the foreign market is explained by the need to cover the necessary for financing in the context of months when they borrowed from the domestic market more.