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The German business environment in Romania : trust is affected by the political crisis


The present political evolutions in Romania led to the loss of trust of the German companies in the implementation of the necessary and urgent reforms, AHK Romania draws the attention in a press release.

‘In the context of the present political events, AHK Romania wants to inform all factors of political decision-makers that the present political evolutions led to the loss of trust of German companies in the implementation of the necessary and urgent reforms. The capacity for reform and, as a result, the configuration of the framework conditions of the future economic policies in Romania depend on the factors of decision-making which should not concentrate on the apparition of the political crises, but on the continuous implementation of the reforms. Romania needs a government capable to act to meet the huge economic challenges from Green Deal to the digital transformation of the economy and to keep the competitiveness of the investment placement’ the press release says.

The AHK Romania members mention the fact that, instead of new issues and uncertainties connected to the future, the companies in Romania need all the attention and political and administrative support.

‘For example, the subsidies offered by the European Union must get to the economy, the administrations need to become more professional and more digitised and thus, the living standard of the population will increase significantly’ they say.

AHK Romania is the official representative of the German economy and at the same time, the biggest bilateral Chamber of commerce in Romania. Set up in 2002, AHK has over 550 companies as members and offers the companies an important platform for networking, information exchange and experience. Through the services they offer and through the events they organize, AHK Romania supports actively the German companies when they get on the Romanian market, and it is, at the same time, partner of the Romanian companies interested on the German market.