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The future of the Board of the European Centre for Competences in Cyber security reunited în Bucharest for the first time


The European Commission organised on Friday an informal virtual reunion of the future Board of the European Centre of Competences in Cyber security, which will have its headquarters in Bucharest, gathering representatives of the member states, of the Commission and the Agency of the EU for Cyber Security, ENISA.


The board of the centre will be made up of the representatives of the member states ( 27 members) of the Commission ( two members) and ENISA ( one member). The Commission will be set up and will lead until this will be able to function independently.


The reunion is the consequence of the Political Agreement of December regarding the Centre for competences and the network in the domain of cyber security, an initiative which aims at improving the technological and industrial capacities in matters of cyber security of the  EU and to contribute a safe online environment.


The competence centre that will have the headquarters in Bucharest will contribute together with the Network of national centres for coordination, the consolidation of the European capacities in matters of cyber security, as well as the stimulation of excellence in research and competitiveness of the industry of the Union in this domain.


This will manage, as well, a part of the financing dedicated to the cyber security in the programmes Digital Europe and Europe Horizon, as well as the funds the member states will contribute. It is understood that the European Centre for competences and the European network in cyber security will be launched officially in June, under the reserve of the official approval by the European Parliament and the EU Council.