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The first edition of the European Robotics Forum between 20-22 March Bucharest

Over 600 participants will be present in Bucharest, between 20-22 March, in the first edition of the European Robotics Forum, event where Romania will be  represented by the first domestic company of humanoid robots and services.

The European Robotics Forum brings for the first time for the robotics companies in Europe the latest results of research in robotics projects. Practically, this is the place where the companies present new things which have been planned along the years and which they promote to identify new partners and markets.

As a total, the European Robotics Forum will be attended by over 600 companies from Europe a? well as from Asia and the US. Among those present there are prestigious universities in Europe, many companies for robotic arms, start-ups of robots, etc.

Romania is present with a number of companies such as:Bucharest Robots – the first humanoid robots and services company in Romania, Comau, Elektrobit, Hyperpragma and INCAS – the National Institute for Aerospace Research-Development.

The list of attractions of the edition of this year of the forum are: PAL Robotics – the biped robot, tall as a man, speaks nine languages, Lux ai – robots used for autistic children, Bucharest Robots systems with intelligent hands – Schunk, Shadow and QB Robotics, module robots which can simulate hands, legs or animals with multiple members (Hebi Robotics), robots for logistics warehouses such as Amazon and Robotnik, technologies for autonomous machinery, robots for the factories of the future, the majority working together with people (Universal Robots, ABB, KUKA and Rolls Royce).

According to the latest reports regarding the world industry of robotics, the humanoid robot market will grow from 320.3 million dollars at present to 3.9 billion until 2023.

At present, in Romania there are some companies which integrate industrial robots and one dedicated to humanoid robots for services. ‘ Romania, unfortunately, is not part of this industry and that is why we took part in the competition through which we won the organization of the event here: to draw attention on a domain in full development where our country can become an important player’ the organizers say.

During the three days of the European Robotics Forum 2019 in Bucharest will be present top officials in Romania and abroad, such as Lucilla Sioli – the manager for ‘ artificial intelligence and digital industry’ from DG Connect and Peter Droll – manager for Industrial technologies, DC Research and Innovation.