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Tensions in PSD : Mayor Gabriela Firea asked for the resignation of Interior Minister Carmen Dan


Bucharest Mayor, Social Democratic Party (PSD, main at rule) Vice President Gabriela Firea on Saturday demanded at the party's National Executive Committee (CExN)'s reunion in southeastern Neptun, the sacking of the Interior Minister Carmen Dan, following the events of 10 August in Bucharest.

Firea stated at the end of the PSD's meeting that her demand regarding Carmen Dan was made due to the external concerns on the violence recorded in the Victoriei Square and which were transmitted to her through the European Commissioner Corina Cretu.

"I spoke yesterday with Mrs. European Commissioner Corina Cretu, who told me about a talk she had with her colleagues, European Commissioners, and with Mr. President Juncker, in which they expressed their concern regarding the political situation in Romania stressing in particular that what has happened on 10 August in Romania is not appreciated by the other European countries because, even they agree that the democratic institutions of the state must be protected, namely the gendarmes' intervention was correct up to a certain point, regarding the defence of the Gov't building and the gendarmes who were intervening to restore public order, they didn't agree with the fact that the protesters who were not violent had to suffer from the tear gas used in the Victoriei Square," Firea affirmed.

According to Firea, the 10 August events have sent a negative perception abroad about Romania, saying that the one responsible for the situation created is Interior Minister Carmen Dan.

"I said that it is not fair for an entire country, for all the Romanians, the gov't as a whole and of course, the PSD as a political party to suffer on account of the errors of coordination and communication of Mrs. Minister," Gabriela Firea specified.

Gabriela Firea asserted on Saturday she has a "tense" relation with the party's national leader Liviu Dragnea, adding that there is a "breach" between them because the PSD chairman wouldn't "give up" the Interior Minister Carmen Dan.

Upon her leaving the CExN (National Executive Committee) reunion in southeastern Neptun, Gabriela Firea said it depends a lot on Liviu Dragnea to solve the situation.

When asked why she didn't voice at the CExN reunion the demand for Dragnea to withdraw from the top of the PSD, Firea answered that they are always reproaching her she is a newcomer in the party.

At the same time, she added she feels that PSD has lost of its supporters and that something has to be done.

Gabriela Firea said on Saturday she will not run for Romania's Presidency, and yet she expressed hope that PSD will have its own candidate for the presidential election.

Firea asserted in southeastern Neptun that she informed the PSD national leader Liviu Dragnea that she has no intention to run for Romania's Presidency.

"Mr. President said he neither will run for Romania's Presidency and that together we shall discuss the possibility to having a joint PSD-ALDE (ALDE, the minor at rule Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) candidate in the person of Mr. Popescu-Tariceanu, which is pleasing, but I want to tell you that only two or three people in the hall applauded," Firea said.

Bucharest Mayor said she appreciated the ALDE chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, and that the latter would make "an extraordinary president of Romania", but believes that the PSD members couldn't accept for their party to not have their own candidate.

"I have great esteem for Mr. Tariceanu and he would make an extraordinary president of Romania, but for PSD, for the hundreds of thousands of PSD members across the country to see their party not having a viable candidate and getting joyful that it has alternative from a governing partner with a lower score in polls, it is a moment of great sadness. It is a historic moment in the negative way. PSD, the Left in Romania has always had a candidate for Romania's Presidency. Winner or not, it is the Romanians right to vote the one who is good for President," Gabriela Firea added.


The Social Democratic Party (PSD, main at rule) Vice President, mayor of Bucharest District 3 Robert Negoita said on Saturday upon exiting the party's National Executive Committee (CExN) reunion that he hopes the situation in the party will turn normal, specifying that "correctness and honesty" are required.

Quizzed whether the reunion was tense, Robert Negoita answered "Here and there, yes, tense".

As for the fact that the PSD is "at a crossroads", Negoita said: "Each party has such moments, therefore I hope we'll turn normal, (...) we'll be honest and correct with each other. This is what I said inside the party and this is what I believe in, because without correctness and honesty with each other and outside the party, we'll get nowhere."


According to Social democrat Senator Ecaterina Andronescu , the protest on 10 August in Bucharest "must be handled with all responsibility. She said that the social democrats should rule for both the ones who have voted them and the ones who haven't, as well as for the Romanians abroad.

"In vain one does things for the people and the people are dissatisfied and take to the streets. (...) In my opinion, the event of 10 August must be handled with all responsibility, and the investigation that has started must unfold with celerity. Why am I saying this? Because perhaps the answer to this investigation will be the point of reconciliation. We must admit, we must know the guilty, they must pay, if guilty," Andronescu asserted.

The PSD Senator also believes the party has to change attitude towards the Diaspora.

"Diaspora is the Romanians who had to flee from here and we, too, have a responsibility towards them. (...) Those who live abroad did not leave the country because they had a good life. They left the country because, let's say, they couldn't find what it is comfortable with their life and their occupation," Ecaterina Andronescu added.