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Survey: Half of the interviewed say that the income of the household dropped during pandemics


According to the survey ISRA Center 56% of the interviewees stated that the income of their households droppe during the pandemics, due to the reduction of salaries (33.5%), the loss of workplaces (22%) and technical unemployment.

Similarly, 80% of the interviewees stated they had to cut down the expenses in the future time horizon, and 85% would give up major investments, although planned, as well as the acquisition of a new car or the doing up of the house.

According to the survey ‘ Habits of consumption telecom during Covid 19’ made by ISRA Center for Telekom Romania between 8 and 12 May, on a sample representative on a national level of 1,010 users of the telecom services 89% of the interviewees look for a smaller price when it comes to the choice of telecom services.

The survey showed that 82% of the interviewees prefer to buy products and services of some renowned brands and 91% showed that they will try a new brand which they haven’t used before if there is a very attractive offer. Finally, the most important result of the survey, 92% stated they would like to save more with telecom bills.

In April there were over 124,000 requests for over one million employees for technical unemployment

The chairman of the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM) Victor Picu stated on Wednesday that in April in order to get technical unemployment there were lodged over 124,000 files for over one million employees. In April, most files were lodged in Bucharest and Timis county. ‘Payments for March were worth over 300 million lei and were lodged over 70,000 files for over 500,000 employees. for April, as it was the most busy month from the point of view of implementing this project,  there were over 124,000 files for over one million employees. To mention is the fact that the payments were made within the deadlin established by law, the majority of the payments were made even earlier in a horizon fo 10 days’ Victor Picu said.

He also mentioned where most files were lodged in April. ‘Most files were lodged in Bucharest for April, over 20,000 for 240,000 employees and were made payments for over 430 million lei. Timis county had 5,226 requests from the employers for 69,710 employees, Brasov, Cluj, Iasi and Ilfov were counties with over 50,000 paid employees’ the ANOFM chairman said.

Victor Picu said that the most affected domains were Horeca and the manufacturing industry being lodged files from companies with one or two employees up to companies with 12,000 employees.