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Supreme Council for National Defence orders measures to strengthen Armed Forces, actions in cyber area


The Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT), convened on Wednesday, ordered measures to strengthen the Romanian Armed Forces, including by ensuring the appropriate legal framework to meet the requirements for Romania's defence in the current context and also approved, a series of priority actions to be considered by the Cyber Security Operational Council, aimed at contributing to the development of the national system in this area and at strengthening prevention and deterrence capabilities, including through a proactive approach, appropriate to the international cooperation framework.

The main topic of the CSAT meeting, which was chaired by President Klaus Iohannis, was the "serious" security situation in the Black Sea region and the implications for Romania, according to a press release from the Presidential Administration.

"Two years after Russia launched the war of aggression against Ukraine, the security situation in Romania's eastern neighbourhood continues to be threatened by Moscow's attacks on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, resulting in numerous casualties and material damage. For our country, the war situation in the neighbouring state maintains the risks of incidents that may affect Romania's territory and citizens, as well as the dangers regarding the safety of navigation in the Black Sea due to the drifting mines and Russia's hostile actions," the CSAT members assessed, according to the quoted source.

Against this background, the members of the CSAT examined the internal measures taken to protect the integrity of Romania's territory and population, as well as the additional actions required.

According to the release, the CSAT decided to continue diplomatic efforts to stop Russia's military aggression, as well as to maintain efforts to provide multidimensional support to Ukraine. In preparation for the NATO Summit in Washington D.C., Romania will continue to work with its allies to ensure a robust and effective NATO deterrence and defence posture, to increase the allied presence in the country, and to support vulnerable partners in the region, especially the Republic of Moldova, the source said.

At the same time, the CSAT reviewed and approved the progress report on defence planning, in particular on the implementation of the armament programmes and the efforts to increase the level of staffing, as well as the retention of personnel contributing to the implementation of the capability goals assumed in the NATO defence planning process and the reduction of the shortfalls identified by NATO authorities.

During the meeting, the activity of the CSAT in 2023 was analysed and it was decided to submit the Activity Report to Parliament for approval.