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Study BestJobs : the trend of remote work, representative for the future of the work market


A study made by BestJobs shows the fact that we are witnesses of new trends on the work market among which the possibility to work from outside the city or outside the country of residence. According to the most recent survey, more than half of the employees (57%) stated that they would like to work for the present employer from another city or from another country, at least temporarily. Despite this preference, only 21.5% consider that the employer would allow it. 


The companies have started to bring their employees at the office in larger numbers. According to the survey BestJobs, in the case of over half of the interviewees (51%) of the interviewees of the survey said that at present they work from the office exclusively, while only 26% undertake their activity remote’ said BestJobs on a press release on Wednesday.


According to the document, 60% of the participants to the survey would like to work from home at least three days per week, and half of them would like not to go to the office at all.


Even more, from their perspective, remote work opens new professional opportunities: more and more employees see themselves working from home even for companies from abroad. Thus, 72% said they do not exclude the possibility to accept a job in a company from abroad, as long as they are allowed to choose where to undertake their activity.


According to the document, two thirds (66%) of the employees interviewed on the BestJobs platform confirm the trend that remote work is representative for the future of the work market.


The main benefits brought about by remote work, according to the Romanian employees are : greater flexibility (36%), more time for personal life (23%), possibility to work on extra projects and increase income (19%), better capacity of concentration (13%), according to the survey made on the BestJobs platform.

At the same time, 31% consider that office work will not become history. Among the benefits associated to office work, the interviewees said: interaction with colleagues (36%), better balance between personal life and professional life (35%), better concentration capacity (6%) and even greater chances for promotion (5%). The survey was made between 13-23 July on a sample of 983 internet users in Romania.