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Stradivarius International Tour: 13 concerts in cathedrals and unconvential spaces, between July 25 and August 11


The Stradivarius International Concert, the XIVth edition, will present, in a series of 13 concerts, in cathedrals and innovative spaces in Romania, between the period of July 25 - August 11, the 9th Symphony "Ode to Joy", composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, in a transcription for violin and piano by Hans Sitt.

According to a press release sent
on Thursday, the concerts will be held by violinist Alexandru Tomescu on the Elder-Voicu Stradivarius violin and by Spanish pianist Josu de Solaun.

"It is a daring musical project, in which two musicians take responsibility for the entire musical and emotional charge of the 9th Symphony by Beethoven. The transcription entrusts the violin and piano the voices for over 100 musicians present, usually on stage, for such a program: symphony orchestra, the choir, the four singers, the conductor. The message that the famous ode sends us is clear and very simple: the greatest joy you can achieve is being someone's friend. After more than a year of distancing, Beethoven's music urges us to find out generous and heavenly side. Until now, there is not a complete work in Romanian of the Ode to Joy by Schiller. We thank you for loving music and await your arrival at the concerts, in order to celebrate joy and friendship," Alexandru Tomescu declared.

The Stradivarius 2021 International Festival is also dedicated this year to a cause of public interest - the Adrian Tomescu (reputed pianist, the father of violinist Alexandru Tomescu) Scholarship is being launched and will be granted to an active young musician of the Remember Enescu Cultural Foundation, upon a jury decision.