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SoNoRo Musikland Festival, between July 30 and August 8


The third edition of the SoNoRo Musikland Festival will take place in the July 30 - August 8 period, in some of the most beautiful villages and towns in Transylvania: Brasov, Cris, Feldioara, Sighisoara, Prod, Mesendorf, Viscri and Magura.

"If the first edition of SoNoRo Musikland was concentrated only in the area of the Saxon fortified churches, the second edition has extended and included jam session type concerts in houses that have entered the tourist circuit in the area - Mesendorf Gasthaus, Viscri 125 and the Cross Country Farm in Prod. These honor the Saxon heritage of the old peasant houses through architectural elements harmoniously integrated into the modern structure of the new spaces," the organizers mention in a release.

This year, the Musikland Festival returns to the areas of the first editions, but also adds some important edifices of the patrimony of the City of Brasov and neighboring villages: Feldioara Citadel, the Artists' House in Magura, the Weavers' Bastion and the Philharmonic in Brasov. Two open-air concerts are to take place in Brasov, in the Brassai and St. John markets, both pedestrian areas.

The concerts of the SoNoRo Musikland Festival will resound this year also in Sighisoara, at the Church on the Hill and the Baroque Hall of City Hall. Furthermore, the Musikland public is invited to discover with the aid of music the Bethlen Castle in Cris, the organizers also say.

Among the musicians that will put on concerts this year in the festival are violinists Nicolas Dautricourt, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Ioana Goicea and Valentin Serban, violists Razvan Popovci and Peter Langgartner, celloists Justus Grimm, Andrei Ionita and Radu Nagy, pianists Diana Ketler and Mara Dobrescu, as well as Miruna Nagy (harp), Ion Bogdan Stefanescu (flute), Pablo Barragan Hernandez (clarinet) and Alberto Mesirca (guitar).

"Thus the newest SoNoRo project reaches its third edition! We are delighted that we can add in value, through our contribution to the superb area of Transylvania and the historic and cultural heritage left to us by the Germans. The past of this region comes to life more and more and reverberates through the recreation of communities and cultural initiatives around ignored or abandoned monuments. SoNoRo music will reach castles, citadels, fortified churches, but also important spaces in the city of Brasov, through the concerts put on by 15 musicians of international renown, and will be, thus, a regale of chamber music for a local, national and international public," said Razvan Popovici, the director of the SoNoRo Musikland Festival.

Access to the SoNoRo Musikland Festival is free and is done on the basis of an invitation or reservation, in the limit of availability.