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Sergei Polunin at TIFF: I feel people should be more tolerant; they get offended easily


Dancer Sergei Polunin, the special guest of Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), said on Thursday, that people should be more tolerant , and added that in west, compared to Russia, people “get offended so easily.”


The artist was present in front of Cluj Napoca audience in a dialogue with journalist Catalin Stefanescu. Polunin has often been a controversial subject, from his statements to talks concerning some of his tattoos.


You are free to be as you are. In England, in fact in the West, there are so many rules that even the simplest word... People get offended so easily because words are observing rules – say this, don't say that. I am in favor if saying anything. People change, they can say different things. You cannot know what people feel, and some like to play victims, which is not the best thing, in my opinion,” the artist added.


Considered a ballet super star, Polunin expressed his political opinions over the time.

Asked about his opinion versus the president of Russia, the artist answered: “I met Vladimir, I felt his energy... I think that in general, it is good to have a balance in the world and many people respect that. It is important to have a powerful America, a powerful Russia, a powerful Europe and a powerful Asia,” he pointed out.


Speaking about his relation to dance, Polunin said it is in a way his “center”. “Here is my place, I like to be on stage, to communicate, to live the story, the dance, the people... I am rather introverted but the stage is the place where I shine and to which I belong,” the dancer confessed.


Polunin performed in the show “Up, Close and Personal” at Banffy Castle of Bontida, on Thursday.