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Romanians at the Beginning of Summer: More Relaxed and Less Angry


Third wave of the pandemic does not stop the desire of Romanians to travel. 

The level of anger among Romanians decreased by 10% from May to July and records the lowest percentage this year. 


Decreasing the level of anger is associated with increasing the level of relaxation and peace, but also the level of motivation and joy. 


Social relations are in the first place as far as Romanians’ motivations are concerned and they register higher values than the average for January – April did, most likely against the background of the relaxation of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic; Romanians feel the need to spend more time with their loved ones and to go out. Social relations define 35% of Romanians, especially when we talk about modern families with children who position themselves in the quadrant of unity and harmony.


The relaxation of restrictions is also responsible for the increase in Romanians' motivations regarding the desire for personal development, which records the highest values this year (9%), an increase of 5%, after maintaining the same level all throughout the current year.


Romanians Save Money in Order to Enjoy Their Vacations


Those who want to recharge their batteries and those who travel with their family, invest more and more in vacations and travel during the summer (5% increase since May). At the same time, Romanians saved almost 10% less than they did in June.

These behaviors can be explained by the fact that it is the vacation period and also the desire to escape everyday life, to have fun and relax after a year of pandemic.


The Level of Anger of Romanians Records the Lowest Percentage This Year

Going on vacation during a pandemic is not an impossible task, despite the many travel restrictions still being applyed in many countries. Certainly, 2021 will not be the year of holidays too far from home, but this does not mean that Romanians cannot enjoy the summer.


In this sense, the decrease of the level of anger is associated with the increase of the level of relaxation and tranquility, but also the level of motivation and joy. In June and July these emotions record the highest values this year (the level of relaxation has a 20% increase). The level of fatigue, however, remains on the same level as the rest of the year.


About „Romanii AZI” Barometer (Romanians TODAY)


Romanii AZI/ Romanians TODAY is a barometer developed by Reveal Marketing Research and works as a tool for contextualizing the market research implemented for clients in the company's portfolio. It takes place monthly and shows current issues related to Romanians, but also their evolution over time. Thus, all studies start from understanding consumers because they are dynamic, not static. Brands learn how to communicate with the target audience, starting from the dominant emotions and motivations in the Romanian society of that period.


About Reveal Marketing Research

Reveal Marketing Research is a market research company, with a team specialized in marketing research, sociological studies, customer insight, business strategy, market development. With expertise in over 20 industries, Reveal Marketing Research believes that market research is the basis for the right decisions and an accurate brand positioning. The qualitative and quantitative solutions provided by Reveal have been helping companies in Romania and Europe for over 12 years. 


The collection method for the project is CAWI (computer-assisted web interview). The data were collected monthly, between May 2020 and May 2021, on a nationally representative sample (urban and rural). The margin of error is +/- 3%. Confidence level: 95%.