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Romanian air police escorted 4 Russian aircraft flying close to NATO airspace


The Romanian air forces have conducted an air police mission to escort four Russian aircraft that flew, on Tuesday, over the Black Sea, close to the NATO airspace.

"Yesterday [Tuesday - ed.n.] there was an air police mission conducted by the Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish forces, as four Russian aircraft had a flight path near the NATO airspace. They never entered the NATO airspace, the Russian forces were at all times in the international air space," said, on Wednesday, the spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defence, Constantin Spinu.

He explained that the Russian aircraft came over the Black Sea, entered the area in which countries have a right to ask airships to identify themselves, and the air police mission was done under the NATO command.

"The people there decide, depending on the flight path, which of the aircraft on the air police mission may take to air. Firstly the Romanian forces received the mission - they flew two MiG-21, they closed in and escorted the Russian aircraft on the flight path until they exited our area of competence. They were then taken over by two Bulgarian aircraft, two MiG-29, after which, they exited the area of patrol competence of Bulgaria, they were taken over by two Turkish F-16, and after they exited the patrol area of the Turkish Air Forces, the mission ended," Spinu also said.

According to the Facebook page of the NATO Allied Air Command, the NATO air police aircraft from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey were scrambled due to Russian air activity close to NATO air space. The first two MiG-21 aircraft of the Romanian Armed Forces scrambled to escort two Russian Tu-22 bombers, escorted by two fighters Su-27.

NATO Allied Air Command


On Tuesday, 19 May NATO Air Policing jets from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey were launched due to Russian air activity close to NATO airspace. First two For?ele Aeriene Române

MiG-21 jets took off as two Russian Tu-22 bombers, escorted by two Su-27 fighters were heading towards Romanian airspace. The MiG-21s did not approach the Russian aircraft, but shadowed them heading south several miles off the coastline. As they continued their flight close to NATO airspace, MiG-29 fighter jets of the Bulgarian Air Force also took off, patrolling in several miles distance from the Russian planes. Later the Russian aircraft turned east, now heading towards Turkish airspace. Turkish Air Force – TUAF F-16 fighters were scrambled twice to shadow their way along the southern Black Sea coast before turning north.

NATO stands determined to safeguard its airspace and sent a clear signal of its capability to react. Across the Alliance Quick Reaction Alert fighter jets are on 24/7 standby for take-off, in case of unclear situations in or close to its airspace.

Archive imagery (left to right) Adrian Dulau Virusu; Bulgarian Air Force and Sébastien Raffin


(Source photo:https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3163100587082080&set=pcb.3163108817081257)