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Romania second in EU as regards the absorption of funds allocated through SAPARD

Romania absorbed 90 percent of the funds allocated through SAPARD 1.34 billion euro, according to the data provided by the Agency of Payment for Rural Development and Fishing (APDRP) . APDRP paid on Thursday 10 December 2009 the last sums of money according to the programme, worth 10.38 million euro. “ With the last payment part, the SAPARD programme is considered to be finished, and Romania is one of the few countries benefiting from these funds with almost integral absorption” APDPR press release says .

Since the beginning of the programme in 2002 and up to 2006 there were 4,457 projects worth 1.36 billion euro. SAPARD benefited from financial allocation between 2000- 2006 of 1.52 billion euro, sum which had to be paid by the end of this year. The difference of 10 percent of the allocated sums of this programme represents the value of no projects or projects annulled. According to APDRP the absorbtion rate at the level of countries newlly accessed to the EU for this programme was on average 50percent, Ireland being the only country with an absorption larger than Romania’s.

The European Union allocated to our country for this programme 1.14 billion euro, but this sum, 75 percent represents the total of public funds, the rest of 25 percent being supported by the government of Romania, 356 million euro. Besides this, the projects which necessitated co-financing drew funds, from the beneficiaries, over 800 million euros. According to APDRP under these conditions, through the SAPARD programme could be invested approximately 2.2 billion euro in the rural environment.