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Romania’s main clients for arms export

Romania sold, over the first six months of the year arms and military products worth over 43 million euro, the most important customers being the countries in the Middle East ( 11.5 million), the US ( 10.5 million), Georgia ( 1.8 million) according to a report of ANCEX quoted by NewsIn.
According to annual obligations, the National Authority for Control of Exports (ANCEX )presented the European Union a report regarding Romania’s exports of arms and ammunition for the first quarter of 2009. Thus, the data offered to EU it is clear that the Romanian companies of arms sold, for the first quarter, arms and ammunition worth 18,889,973 euro, while during the second quarter the value of exports was 24,263,431 euro. .
Thus, according to ANCEX documents, Romania offered,during the same period, 268 export licences for arms and ammunition worth 95.86 million euro – 49,14 million euro for Q1 and 46.71 million euro for Q2. Licences are granted for a maximum sum where exports should fit and exporters should confirm to.
The ANCEX report does not contain the data regarding the companies which made these exports or the producers. At the same time, during the above-mentioned period there is no mention of an agreement refusal for an export licence.
Similar to 2008, at the top of countries which received arms and ammunition from Romania are the countries in the Middle East – Israel, Egypte, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Oman as well as the United States, Afganistan, Pakistan and India.
From Europe, the most important contracts signed by Romania are those with Georgia, while the African continent has as main destinations Burkina Faso, Gabon and Ethiopia.

The US bought tens of thousand of various weapons from Romania
Over the first part of the year, the US intensified its commercial relations with Romania as regards arms trade, so that they ordered products worth 10.5 million euro, while during 2008 the value of the order was only 11,5 million euro. At the same time, the ANCEX report shows that Romania offered during quarter I 46 export licences for the US worth over 20 million euro.
Thus, the American army bought from Romania 35,211 submachine guns, 26,000 assault rifles, 3,801 shotguns, 7 carbines, 10 light machine guns as well as accessories for submanchine guns, grenade launchers,.etc.
Israel, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates – the most important customers in the Middle East
Israel signed, over the first semester of 2009 contracts worth 4.6 million euro with Romanian companies which got 47 export licenses worth approximately 13 million euro.
The most wanted military products by the Israeli were accessories for small weapons, parts for missiles air-air, parts for land military vehicles, electronic parts for automatic data programmers, equipments for image creation, electric cables with connectors. At the same time, Romania sold containers for missile launchers, night vision equipment or equipment for software simulator production.
In Iraq, over the first part of the year, Romania did not send any military products but offered export licence worth 12,587,811 euro for military machines with crane and platform.
In the Middle East, other countries showed their interest to sign contracts with Romania such as the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan and Egypte. According to ANCEX the Arab Emirates received spare parts for military helicopters worth over 5.1 million euro, in Oman there were sent installations and equipments for military aircraft worth 1.8 million euro, while Egypte bought engine aggregate for fight military aircraft worth 500,000 euro.
Contracts with Romania were also signed by Jordan – 421,068 euro for anti-tank and Oman with 53,234 euro for spare parts for military helicopter.
Romania sells arms in Afghanistan and Pakistan
As the war in Afghanistan is underway, the Romanian arms companies sold, over the first part of the year arms and ammunition to this country worth 5,5 million euros.
The ANCEX report showed that Romania offered 13 licenses worth 8 million euro.
Thus, the Afghans bought submachine rifles ( 15,800 pieces) as well as ammunition for small weapons, normal ammunition and shotguns or spare parts for military transport helicopters.
At the same time, in Pakistan, the neighbouring country there were sold military products worth 600,000 euro, being spare parts for military helicopters.
According to ANCEX statistics, other destinations for the Romanian arms in Asia were India – an export license for the first quarter worth 11,614,622 euro to improve an engine for fight military aircraft, Viet-nam – one license for 3,035,126 euro for military aircraft for training and spare parts ( 10 pieces) and South Koreea who bought products worth 57,930 euro – anti-tanks grenade thrower ( 2 pieces).
Georgia bought arms in 2009 as well from Romania
Georgia which in 2008 was at war spent over the first part of the year almost 1.8 million euro to buy from Romania ammunition for small weapons and shotgun ammunition.
The Romanian companies obtained four export licenses in Georgia worth over 8 million euro for : grenade thrower with accessories (677 pieces) ammunition for small weapons.
During the conflict between Georgia and Russia in August 2008, the Russian media criticized the fact that Romania offered Georgia arms, but the Romanian authorities showed that exports were legal, Georgia not being a country under embargo.
This year, after one year since the conflict, Russia accused the United States and Ukraine for providing arms to Georgia thus preparing for a new conflict. Russia does not have information which shows that Romania provided arms to Georgia, the ambassador of Russia to Romania, Alexander Churilin said.
At the same time, the ANCEX report showed that Romania sold military products of 582,035 euro in Azerbaidjan, country which had an open conflict with Armenia, the relations between the two countries being tensed.
The Asers showed their interest to buy from Romania rifles, snipers, grenade thrower, sight launchers, equipment for mechanical components worth 722,051 euro as well as equipment for mechanical components worth 358,018 euro with export licenses.
In the countries of the European Union, Romania sold arms and ammunition worth 3.5 million euro.
The most important customer was the UK which spent 1,475,037 euro for shotguns ( 34), rifles (100), submachine guns ( 100) snipers, parachutes, accessories for parachutes, components for maritime aircraft, 192,471 euro given for hunting guns, accessories for rifles, parachutes for military aircraft compenents.
Other important customers of Romania in the EU were : Belgium ( almost 799,000 euro) the Netherlands ( 769,498 euro) Croatia ( almost 375,000 euro) or Italy ( 337,000euro).
Gabon and Burkina Faso the best customers in Africa
In Africa Romanian exports were directed to five countries, worth less than two million euro. Thus Gabon has an export license worth 1,060,231 euro for military helicopter and Burkina Faso got missiles for missiles throwers of almost 700,000 euro, while Ethiopia, South Africa or Mauritania exported products of almost 50,000 euro worth.