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Romania climbs one spot in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, to 46


Romania ranks 46th this year in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, climbing one spot from 2018 and eight spots, from 2017, Andreea Paul, head of INACO - The Initiative for Competitiveness, said in a press release.

According to the global ranking made by IMD World Competitiveness Center, which studied digital competitiveness in 63 countries, Romania's advantages in terms of digital competitiveness remain: Broadband Internet speed - Romania ranking 6th in the world, the weight of its graduates in sciences (12th) and the weight of women involved in scientific research (13th). 

Overall, Romania ranked 46th in the world, in 2019, in terms of digital competitiveness at global level, climbing one spot from 2018 and eight spots, respectively, from 2017.

On the other hand, INACO draws attention to the fact that Romania's acute disadvantages in what concerns digital competitiveness are fundamentally related to the public area and have mostly to do with the lack of public-private partnerships (60th spot in the ranking), city management (59th position), public investments in education (59th) and the availability of capital and financing from banks (55th).

"Some warning signals with respect to the extent in which the Romanian public institutions are ready to adjust to technological changes justify the recent presidential initiative "Romania TechNation," which requires a pragmatic action plan regardless of what colours the government has, or the Parliament, and also supporters from both the political and civic domains, central and local levels both, especially when there is no electoral campaign going on. Among the civic and private initiatives that support digital and technological literacy with real actions we mention Digitaliada - the initiative of the Orange Foundation and the first smart digital education laboratories - Smart Lab 4.0 - created by INACO - The Initiative for Competitiveness in the Public Schools in Romania," specified Andreea Paul. 

However, coming back, the first spots in the IMD World Competitiveness Center's ranking belong to the USA, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland, which are among the countries with the most advanced regulations in this field, managing to attract the talented human resource they need, while supporting scientific research and generating technological innovations that are afterwards assimilated into the society.

INACO is a non-profit community of managers, consultants, analysis and experts in the economic field, linked to the network of specialists from both the public and private areas in Romania. The organisation specifies on its Website that it supports the setting up of the National Council for Competitiveness, "a fundamental institution for the Romanian state, which already functions in other countries with special results in the advancement of their respective national economies."