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Romania borrows 100 million euro from IBRD for investments in school infrastructure


The government of Romania approved on Wednesday  the negotiation and signing of the Agreement for loan between Romania and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), worth 100 million euro, to support the project ‘ Better schools inclusive and sustainable’ informs the ministry of finances in a press release.

‘One of the priorities of my mandate is to make it possible so that education receives the necessary financing for all students and pupils in kindergarten to have access to a modern and safe school infrastructure. As minister of finances, I have required the government a mandate to negotiate and sign with the
IBRDan Agreement for Loans worth 100 million euro, for investments in school infrastructure, so necessary, especially in the areas which areas less developed in the country’ said the minister of finances, Alexandru Nazare.

The project ‘ Better schools, inclusive and sustainable’will develop during a period of six years,  deadline for the loan being 30 June 2027. This will be implemented by the ministry of education, by the Unit for Management of the project. The total cost of the project will be 100 million euro, sum totally financed from the loan offered to Romania by the

According to the quoted source, the main elements of the project include an element of integrated investments in school infrastructure, communication and information activities, support for students transport, as well as other temporary facilities. A special attention will be offered to the intelligent classrooms, by investment in school furniture, and activities of information and instruction in this domain.

The project ‘ Better schools , inclusive and sustainable’ includes an element of support for investments in sustainable and modern infrastructure  by planning investments with a view to developing some models for future schools,as well as other activities for information and preparation of the communities in case of possible disasters.



Thursday, March 18, 2021