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Romania 2Q jobless rate falls to 6.8%

The employment rate of population able to work (aged 15-64) stood at 60.1 percent in Q2 2010, with ILO unemployment rate having stood at 6.8%, according to the data centralized by the National Statistics Institute.The figures are based on the definition recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The employment rate of population aged 20-64 stood at 64.8%, at a distance of 5.2 percent from the national target of 70 percent set in the context of Europe 2020 Strategy.In Q2 2010, the active population of Romania stood at 10.185 million people, out of whom 9.488 million were employed and 697,000 were ILO jobless people.

The report of economic dependence (number of inactive and jobless people in 1000 employed people) stood at 1262‰, higher for women (1589‰), and for those living in urban area (1327‰).

The activity rate of population aged 15-64 stood at 64.8%.

The 60.1 percent employment rate of the population aged 15-64 had a higher level than that in Q2 2009 (0.9 percent) and that in Q1 2010 (3.1 percent).

As in the previous quarters, the employment rate was higher was bigger for men (67.1 percent versus 53.2 percent for women) and the people in rural area (63.7 percent versus 57.6 percent in urban one). Young people's employment rate (aged 15-24) stood at 25.8 percent.

The ILO unemployment rate stood at 6.8 percent, down from the previous quarter (8.1 percent) and up from the same quarter in the previous year (6.3 percent). The ILO unemployment rate had the highest level (20.5 percent) among young people (aged 15-24).

The unemployed people in ILO sense are the people aged 15-64 who meet simultaneously the next three conditions: do not have a job; are willing to start a job in the next 2 weeks; have been actively searching a job in the past 4 months. The unemployment rate in ILO sense represents the number of ILO jobless people in active population.