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PwC Romania: in two or three years, hundreds of thousands  of work places will need digital skills


The pandemics crisis accelerates change for employees: in two-three years hundreds of thousands of workplaces will need digital skills, shows an analysis of PwC Romania, according to which the digital change was speeded on over the last months once many activities moved online quicker than expected.

‘If one year ago the study PwC Romania Workforce Disruption Index showed that over the next decade 275,000 employees should learn digital skills (upskilling) to keep or find workplaces, the estimates during the pandemics period –which accelerated digitization – brings the deadline at least five years forward. Being already considered a  disruptive phenomenon by many for the workforce, digital change was hurried up over the last months once activities moved online quicker than expected. Under these conditions, skill adaptation must take place quicker both for several activities both economic and social which take place online, as well as automation will replace some workplaces. This is not a threat, it is an boost for the employers and employees to be prepared for the reality which we have to handle’ Ionut Sas, partner people& organization leader PwC Romania  and Oana Munteanu,senior  manager people&organization, PwC Romania.

They say there are domains about which there was less talk as being ‘ the targets’ for digitization or automation, but several companies have started to explore virtual interaction where it is possible, even in such domains.At the same time, employees in danger to lose their jobs or have already lost them must change, either to place online a part of their activity or learn something else.

Preoccupation for education and retraining may reduce pressure on ‘vulnerable’ people on their work market in the future.

‘Romania needs investments in education both for children and adults, with focus on digitization as well as on those skills still unreplaced by technology: the capacity to take decisions, to exercise their creativity, to work in a team, to develop their emotional intelligence and the ability to learn and to reinvent themselves, skills which will be essential to adapt to what the market will require’the PwC Romania representatives said.



Monday, July 27, 2020