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President Iohannis orders urgent involvement of Air Forces to evacuate Romanian citizens from Afganistan

The president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, ordered on Monday, August 16, 2021, the immediate involvement of the Romanian Air Forces to evacuate from the Kabul International Airport of Romanian citizens who are still on the Afghan state's territory, the Presidential Administration informs, in a press release.

This decision was made at the proposal of the Romanian Prime Minister, Florin-Vasile Citu, given the accelerated deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, needing the support of repatriation of Romanian citizens still in this country, as well as evaluations made in this sense by the inter-institutional crisis Unit, summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), the press release reads.

According to the source, president Iohannis was constantly informed regarding the evolution of the situation in Afghanistan by MAE and other institutions represented in the inter-institutional crisis Unit, which carries out its steady-state activity for analyzing evolutions and proposal of adopting necessary steps.

"Romania will actively continue its political consultations and coordination with its partners from the European Union, its NATO allies, including the United States, in order to evaluate the evolutions, their effects and to adopting measures that impose for managing it - both in the regulated formats, as well as the special ones, such as the extraordinary reunion of the EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday, August 17, or the emergency reunion of the North-Atlantic Council on the same day," the press release also reads.


Prime Minister Florin Citu said that there are still 35 Romanians in Afghanistan and that the authorities will send a plane to repatriate them.

"There are still 35 Romanian nationals in that area. I suggested Mr. President that we should send a plane to bring them home. We are currently working on two variants: a flight in cooperation with NATO, which should depart soon, or a plane of ours that goes directly there. At this moment the Foreign Ministry and the National Defense Ministry have clear instructions to send a plane as soon as possible to bring the Romanian citizens home," the Prime Minister said in a statement to the press.

He noted that the authorities are on top level alert as regards Afghanistan and that they are keeping contact with the Romanians in this country where the Taliban fighters are rapidly gaining ground.


 The Foreign Affairs Ministry informed Monday that, according to its data, there are still 35 Romanian nationals in Afghanistan, mainly security personnel employed by the U.N. Assistance Mission in this country (UNAMA), specifically by a dedicated company.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, 60 Romanian citizens with activities in Afghanistan had registered with the Romanian Embassy in Islamabad, stating their activity as employees of the EU Delegation to this country, of UNAMA, of a security company and an NGO.

"By the time the security situation began to degrade, a part of these Romanian nationals had already left the Afghan territory for their rest leave. Also, 11 Romanian nationals employed by the EU Delegation to Afghanistan have been recently evacuated and are currently in Doha and will continue their journey to Romania as soon as all the specific procedures are fulfilled," the release states.

Amid the developments related to the security situation in Afghanistan, the inter-institutional crisis cell called by order of Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu continued its activity to support and provide assistance to the Romanian citizens on Afghan territory, with a view to ensuring their safe evacuation, the Ministry points out, adding that it maintains permanent contact with them through the Romanian Embassy in Islamabad.

"The Foreign Ministry and the other institutions that are part of the inter-institutional crisis cell will provide all the support to the Romanian Air Force mission summoned by order of the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, at the proposal of Mr. Florin-Vasile Citu, Prime Minister of Romania, for the evacuation from the Kabul airport of the Romanian nationals who are still on Afghan soil," the release reads.

Starting with August 13 the alert level for Afghanistan has been raised to the maximum (Major danger - Leave the country immediately).