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President Iohannis: Coalition works, but not perfectly; there are still things to be improved


President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday he was unhappy that some reforms had not been carried out by the ruling coalition, saying it was working, but not perfectly.

"Let's remember how this coalition came about and how those who are now together have positioned themselves towards each other. We had, not long ago, at the end of last year, an election campaign, and they almost dueled in public. You must realize that such a coalition takes time to bear fruit, mechanisms need time to work very well, and given where we started, I can say that yes, the coalition works, but it doesn't work perfectly. Well, the SIIJ [Section for Prosecuting Magistrates - editor's note] has not been disbanded yet, even though everyone has boasted that they will do it, but the Minister of Justice has not yet found the right path, the laws of justice - there is no project accepted in the coalition and I am dissatisfied with these things. And there are other and other reforms that have been promised and for the time being we hear that they are meeting and discussing. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am convinced that this formula can work," Iohannis said. 


În his opinion, PNL (National Liberal Party) is facing an internal fight for votes right now and statements of some of its leaders are part of a "sharp campaign struggle," but the governance act does not suffer.

"The fight is an internal struggle for votes in PNL and a political competition always makes all those involved look for sensational explanations. There is nothing more to it," said state of state, who paid a visit to the Comana Natural Park.

Asked what he thought about the accusations the PNL leaders throw at each other, Iohannis said they are only related to "the political campaign that sometimes becomes more strident."

"But, in essence, an electoral campaign is carried out - with accusations against competitors, with various accusations thrown at other team. We should take these things easily. The governance act did not suffer because of the PNL campaign. Things go well in the country, the economy increases, the pandemic is under control, natural areas are protected, " said the President.