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President Iohannis, at the Romanian Navy Day


Romania has an active role in improving the security of the Euro-Atlantic space, a modern army means an army with well-trained naval forces, equipped with the latest generation tech and capable of responding successfully to any challenge, said, on Sunday, President Klaus Iohannis at the festivities for the Day of the Romanian Navy, event organized in the Constanta Military Harbour.

"Romania has an active role in improving the security of the Euro-Atlantic space, a recent example of contribution being the establishment, in Bucharest, of the Euro-Atlantic Center for Resilience, a national initiative that enjoys appreciation at the level of NATO and the European Union. National security and the safety of Romanian citizens are the priority vectors that guide our strategic positioning, as well as the effort of the Romanian Army. Without a powerful army, Romania cannot maintain its status as an important NATO member state and relevant actor in the realm of regional security. A modern army means an army with well-trained Naval Forces, equipped with the latest generation tech and capable of responding successfully to any challenge," Iohannis emphasized in his statement.

He underlined the importance of the Black Sea region, which is playing a more and more significant role in the past years, as an external border of the EU and NATO, warning of the security challenges in this area.

"The Black Sea region has gained, in past year, a more and more significant role, to the scale of its geostrategic relevance as an external border of the EU and the North Atlantic Alliance. We acted decisively, politically, diplomatically and ecoomically for the recognition of the Black Sea area as one of major interest, not only for Romania as a Euro-Atlantic community, and we've succeeded thus to consolidate regional security. The strategic relevance of the Black Sea area for Euro-Atlantic security is today a certainty, it's proven by the regional projects, as well as the Bucharest format, also known as the B9 format and the Three Seas Initiative, which matured and is evolving successfully to the benefit of Romania's security and prosperity. There are still security challenges, military and non-military, conventional but also hybrid and cybernetic, reason for which an increased commitment is called for, in order to fortify security and increase national resilience. We assumed this task, together with the other allies within NATO, through the decisions to continue to consolidate the discouragement and defence posture, to consolidate the Allied political role and to increase national resilience towards any challenge and threat," the head of state emphasized.

Iohannis also sent a message of appreciation to all seamen, which prove devotion, courage and sacrifice in the missions that they have to fulfill, those who fell in the line of duty, but also their families.

"I warmly greet all our seamen, military or civilian, which, with devotion and courage, wear or have worn the tricolour flag on the world's seas and oceans. Far from home and those dear to them, most often in difficult situations that also challenge your tenacity, you always come out as victors and you do your duty of guaranteeing the safety of our citizens. Defending and protecting Romanians, self-sacrifice, devotion, professionalism, those are the most important qualities of our seamen. Many happy returns to all and a thought of gratitude to the heroes who are not among us anymore. I appreciate particularly the way in which you adapted the specific activities to the new security context, so that you fulfill with dedication the missions fulfilled, as well as the commitments assumed towards international organizations and foreign partners. I congratulate you for the professionalism you demonstrated throughout numerous multinational exercises and large scale operations taking place in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, in which the Naval Forces were involved this year. I salute on this occasion the contribution of the Romanian Naval Forces to the development of the regional security climate on the southern and eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance and the particular results obtained during the leadership by a Romanian ship, for the first time in the national military history, of a NATO naval group, which conducted missions in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea," Iohannis also mentioned.

The event was also attended by Senate Chair, Anca Dragu, Prime Minister Florin Citu, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna, and the Minister of National Defence Nicolae Ciuca.