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President Basescu will visit Bulgaria

President Traian Basescu will make a visit to Bulgaria on 23 September, the first visit of a Romanian head of state in that country in the last seven years, the Bulgarian ambassador to Bucharest, Valentin Radomirski said.According to him, six documents will be signed between the two states soon.
At the same time the ambassador pointed out the very good relations developing between the two countries. “We, in Romania and Bulgaria are in a process of expanding relations. In the last six years the volume of our commercial relations has grown 8 times,” he said. “On the other hand many people know that 1 million Romanians come to Bulgaria annually. Few people know that 500,000 Bulgarians, which is much as population percentage, come to Romania annually,” he added.

According to data of the Foreign Ministry in the last 10 years bilateral trade has known a constant growth of the overall volume of bilateral commercial exchanges and a positive balance of trade. As of 2008, the total volume of bilateral commercial exchanges exceeds 2 billion euro.On 30 September 2009, the date of the last update the volume of Romanian-Bulgarian commercial exchanges was 1.518 billion euro, a positive figure for Romania. On 30 November 2009 there were 1,124 companies owned by Bulgarian citizens in Romania. The overall volume of Romanian investments in Bulgaria was 251.33 million euro in September 2009.