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Government approved OUG on application of sanction measures in context of conflict in Ukraine

Friday, June 10, 2022

 The Government adopted on Thursday, by an emergency ordinance amending Government Ordinance no. 202/2008 on the implementation of international sanctions, a series of measures aimed at ensuring the continuation of the European Union's sanctions regime, applied in the context of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, without prejudice to the activity of Romanian companies and, implicitly, the jobs in these companies.Thus, according to a press ...

EU, Bucharest miss rearmament opportunity as Romania’s state weapons industry flails

Friday, June 10, 2022

During communism, the Romanian state was one of the world’s top exporters of arms, with a 230,000-strong workforce. Today the public sector employs just 10,000 people, its factories are in debt, and stakeholders are uncertain about the future, euractiv.com reads.   At a time when Europe needs to step up its defence, EU member Romania’s public sector arms industry is desperately trying to ...

Romania to receive $564,000 compensatory donation from Lockheed Martin Overseas

Friday, June 10, 2022


Romania's government said it agreed to receive a compensatory donation from U.S. aircraft parts manufacturer Lockheed Martin Overseas consisting of various pieces of equipment worth a total $564,137 (526,193 euro).   The donation consists of testing equipment and devices, Easat cable sets for repairs, as well as logistical support packages for the TPS-79 (R) radars, according to a government decree ...

DefMin Dincu on Beechcraft aircraft flying over Romania: A rather strange incident

Friday, June 10, 2022

Romania's Defence Minister Vasile Dincu said on Thursday in Alba Iulia that the overflight on Wednesday evening of the airspace of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria by a twin-engine aircraft is a "rather strange incident," adding that there is "no cause for concern "and that it was not something that endangered national security.Dincu said that he does not have any information other than what transpired in a press statement released on Wednesday by the ...

The Perils of Black Sea Security

Friday, June 10, 2022

by Eugene Kogan   Introduction   The unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022 has substantially changed the security situation around the Black Sea. The three NATO member states Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey have pursued a very different and distinct policy with regard to Russia. Bulgaria, as will be further ...

Senate President, ambassador of Palestine in Bucharest discuss current state of bilateral relations

Friday, June 10, 2022

Senate President Florin Citu received on Thursday Issam Tawfiq Masalha, ambassador of Palestine in Bucharest, with the two officials addressing the current state of the Romanian-Palestinian bilateral relations, as well as the ways of developing areas of common interest.During the talks, the two officials stressed the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in promoting bilateral relations and discussed strengthening cooperation at the level of the two ...

Procedure for annulment of Ion Iliescu's revolutionary certificate, underway

Friday, June 10, 2022

The State Secretariat for the recognition of the merits of fighters against the Communist regime established in Romania from 1945 to 1989, an institution subordinated to the Government, started the procedure for the withdrawal of the title of Fighter for the Victory of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 of former president Ion Iliescu.In a document sent to the Asociatia 21 Decembrie, the State Secretariat informs that it has discussed an address ...

Italian ambassador: Mafia uses corrupt state officials to launder money in Romania

Friday, June 10, 2022


Illegal deforestation and the construction sector are two areas preferred by organized criminal groups that are active in Romania, says Italy’s ambassador to Bucharest, Alfredo Durante. He warns that the Italian mafia has refined its methods and has switched from violence and intimidation to corrupting administration officials and infiltrating into the state apparatus to influence public ...

Iohannis: Consumption-based policies, budget deficits push Romania away from goals such as joining Euro

Friday, June 10, 2022

 President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that policies based on consumption and budget deficits, in use before the pandemic and the economic crisis, have moved Romania away from strategic country goals, such as joining the Eurozone, and are now making the fight inflation more difficult."As a country, we aim to make far-reaching reforms and investments that generate added value, prosperity and sustainable development over time. Let us remember that, in ...

ING Study: Most Romanians adapt consumption to high-inflation expectations

Friday, June 10, 2022

A recent study by Ipsos for ING Bank shows that 8 out of 10 Romanians believe that prices will increase by an average of 25% in the next period.The study identified consumption patterns generated by the high inflation expectations.   80% of those surveyed looked after discounts and promotions on non-durable consumer goods, and over 50% have spent less on clothing, according to the ...

PM Ciuca meets IMF delegation, expresses appreciation for guidance to narrow deficits

Friday, June 10, 2022

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca met on Thursday at the Victoria Palace of Government with the International Monetary Fund delegation that is in Romania on its annual Article IV mission, voicing on the occasion his appreciation for the mission's positive assessments and the fiscal policies guidance for narrowing deficits and ensuring a healthy economic growth in the difficult European and international context caused by the effects of the recent crises.According ...

Council of Europe Development Bank grants 216 million euros for rehabilitation of cultural buildings in Romania

Friday, June 10, 2022


The Minister of Finance, Adrian Caciu, signed, on Thursday, the Framework Loan Agreement between Romania and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), worth 216 million euros, for the Project aimed at the rehabilitation of built heritage and modernization of some cultural buildings in Romania.According to a press release sent by the Ministry of Culture, the total net cost of the project amounts to 270 million euros, of which 216 million euros (80%) from ...

EU cohesion policy: more than €127 million to upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure in Romania

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Commission has approved an investment of more than €127 million from the Cohesion Fund to solve water supply problems by developing the water and wastewater infrastructure in Buz?u county, Romania.   In total, 170,392 inhabitants will benefit from the water and wastewater network upgrades.   Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said: ...

Trade deficit deepens in first four months, exceeding 10 billion euros

Friday, June 10, 2022

- In April 2022, the FOB exports amounted to 6886.8 million euro and the CIF imports amounted to 9711.6 million euro, a commercial deficit of 2824.8 million euro being registered. ?- Compared to April 2021, the exports increased by 10.4% and the imports increased by 21.8% in April 2022. ? - In the period 1.I-30.IV 2022, the FOB exports amounted to 28920.2 million euro and the CIF imports amounted to 38933.4 million euro. ...

DefMin Dincu, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, on Russia's military aggression against Ukraine

Thursday, June 9, 2022


Minister of National Defence Vasile Dincu met on Wednesday with the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration of the Republic of Moldova, Oleg Serebrian, one of the topics addressed being the situation of regional security against the backdrop of the unprovoked and brutal military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.During the talks, the two officials addressed issues related to the priorities and efforts of the Chisinau authorities regarding ...

Crown Custodian Margareta talks with Moldova's President Sandu on support for Moldova's EU accession

Thursday, June 9, 2022

 The Custodian of the Crown of Romania, Her Majesty Margareta, had a phone call on Wednesday with Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova, in which concrete ways of continuing the support provided by the Royal Family for the accession of the country to the EU were explored."During the telephone conversation, it was evoked the support that the Romanian Crown has given, since 2013, to the effort of the Republic of Moldova to integrate into the ...

Joint air space draft law between EU and Ukraine, approved by Government

Thursday, June 9, 2022

The government approved, in Wednesday's meeting, the draft law for the ratification of the Agreement on the joint air space between the European Union and its Member States and Ukraine, signed in Kyiv in October 2021.Government spokesman Dan Carbunaru said at the end of the government meeting that it was an Agreement negotiated by the European Commission, based on a mandate received from the European Council."This Agreement will integrate the ...

MApN: Small aircraft flies over Romanian airspace; no hostile or dangerous behavior shown

Thursday, June 9, 2022

 A small twin-engined Beechcraft aircraft, carrying two people, flew over at low altitude the airspace of Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria on Wednesday evening, informs the Ministry of National Defense (MApN)."We specify that the aircraft in question, which flew in the Romanian airspace on the Oradea - Caransebes - Drobeta Turnu Severin route, did not show a hostile or dangerous behavior. At no time did the pilot of the aircraft respond to radio ...

Ministry of National Defence extends recruitment process for volunteer reservists

Thursday, June 9, 2022

 The Ministry of National Defense extends, until June 24, the recruitment campaign for those who wish to perform military service in reserve as a volunteer reservist in the Romanian Army.At this stage, which began on May 16, 871 positions are available for all categories of personnel - officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, the Ministry of National Defence said in a press release sent on Wednesday.Further details can be obtained ...

Romania's Ambassadors in Kyiv and Chisinau - appointed by presidential decree

Thursday, June 9, 2022

On Wednesday, President Klaus Iohannis signed the decree on the accreditation of Alexandru-Victor Micula as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to Ukraine, residing in Kyiv.Cristian-Leon Turcanu was also accredited by presidential decree as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to the Republic of Moldova, residing in Chisinau.Alexandru Victor Micula, the new ...

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