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Over 10 billion RON traded during first 7 months on stock market, capital market goes up by 25 pct


Investors present at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) have intensified their trading activity during the first 7 months of this year, which determined the cumulated transaction value with all types of instruments to surpass 10.4 billion RON, the equivalent of 2.1 billion EUR, according to a report from the Stock Exchange.

This level corresponds to a growth pace of 56.6% when comparing with the period of January-July of last year. Broken down on assets classes, the total transactions made on the Regulated Market on the shares segment was of 5.8 billion RON, and for the bonds segment it was 4.2 billion RON.

The total trading value for the structured products was of 411 million RON and 21 million RON for fund units, at the level of the first 7 months.

At the end of July, the capital market continued its growth and reached new record values. During the trading session of July 14, the BET index reached for the first time in history the level of 12,055 points. At the end of the same session, the BET-TR index displayed a record level of 21,002 points. Until the end of July, the market slowly backed down but remained in the area of historic peaks.

In such a context, the capital market evolution brought potentially significant earnings to investors. Thus, the growth offered to investors on the capital market was 25% during the first 7 months, from the stand point of the BET-TR index and 20% through the standpoint of the BET index.

The market value of the local companies listed on BVB's main market surpassed the level reached before the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, capitalization of present Romanian companies on the main segment of the Bucharest Stock Exchange was approximately 126 billion RON, the equivalent of 25.6 billion EUR.