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Only half of Romanians are connected to online services

The Romanian state offers, at present, too few online services to its citizens, while for many of the inhabitants of Romania Internet is still an UFO, said , in a specialized conference, the Minister of Communications and Information Society, Razvan Mustea-Serban.

'Today, half of Romania is connected to the world. Unfortunately, the other half is disconnected, is forgotten by the world. We have areas with ultra-speed Internet connections, we have ultra-performing programmers, we even have super-specialized hackers, but at the same time too many Romanians for whom the Internet is still a sort of UFO. These people could find a business, could find a job, if they know where to find the necessary information and how to use it after finding it. Too few citizens today use the online services offered by the public or private environment. The Romanian state offers today, unfortunately, too few services to its citizens. Here I do not refer to websites or portals that offer only information, descriptive in nature, but to services that can really make people's lives easier. The Internet knows no borders, but the online markets are still separated by many discrepancies and barriers', said the Minister of Communications.

According to the MCSI official, the digital age must mean accountability and emancipation, and the first step is to reduce bureaucracy in state institutions.

The Conference on 'Digital Alliance for Romania - Digital Inclusion Chapter', which takes place on Monday, at the National Institute of Statistics INS headquarters in Bucharest, aims to encourage cooperation of stakeholders (public administration, business and civil society) involved in digital literacy actions, digital competence development and digital inclusion on Romania's territory. The digital inclusion is one of the seven areas of action on the Digital Agenda and plays a fundamental role in Romania's future development.