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New GPS Evolio generation revolutionizes car navigation

The leader of the local GPS market, Evolio launches the most modern GPS platform, 500 series, based on the latest technological achievements in the field, the company press release shows.The new GPS are equipped with the new processor Centrality Atlas IV Dual Core 500 MHz and the new satellite receiver Sirf Star 4. The latter ensures an improved reception, three times more rapid that the satellite signal. The Dual Core process makes the parallel management of the operation system and the satellite reception which ensures higher exploitation speed and a superior position accuracy.

The absolute novelty of Evolio E500, E510 and E520 models represents their equipping with the new interactive software EvoMap2.0, with the latest map – April 2010 version, which covers in a proportion of 100% Central and Western Europe and 99% the road network in Romania.The interactive software allows on-line map upgrading, free download of information and the use according to the user’s preferences.Evolio also introduced an innovative system for GPS, which allows the its comfortable fixing.Evolio is the local market leader for GPS equipment, with a market share of 25%. Evolio revolutionize the way in which drivers access information thought the intelligent GPS functions and the interactive software it is equipped with.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010