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Moldova's minister of foreign affairs: Romania was the first country which made an appeal for a peaceful transition in Kishinev


Romania was the first country which, through public statement, appealed to a peaceful transition in Kishinev, stated the minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Moldova,  Nicolae Popescu on Monday in a press conference with his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu. He remembered the tensioned moments in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, after the government he was part of was sworn in.

‘I had a very interesting experience, for several days (…) I did not have access in the ministery of foreign affairs, where there were some tens of people, some 20 sporting people and some 30 people less sporting who stayed in front of the ministry of foreign affairs. I, the day I was sworn in I went to the ministry of foreign affairs, and I asked myself ‘ Is it worth going in?” I reached the conclusion that,probably, some fight in front of the ministry will not serve the process of peaceful transition’ Nicolae Popescu said.

The head of Kishinev diplomacy spoke about  Romania’s appeal, of those moments, to a peaceful transition of power in the Republic of Moldova and said that in such moments’ you know who you can count on, who is ready to support you in an unclear situation’.

He added that ‘ Romania was that state which increased the level of expectations and said: ‘ Yes, besides the fact that we acknowledge the parliament and the government which I represent, we want to assure that the old governing withdraws’.

‘This position of Romania was practically adopted by several European states. And in this way, Romania played a role, she encouraged this peaceful transition’ Popescu said.