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Minister Virgil Popescu: Romania did not oppose the signing of a touristic protocol with Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia

Romania did not oppose the signing of a protocol with Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia regarding the resumption of tourism between the four countries, said on Wednesday Virgil Popesc, the minister o Economy, energy and environment. 'There were discussions, and we said that we will immediately resume them as soon as the parliament approves the alert state. Our Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian colleagues perfectly understood why Romania at present has an alert state which should be passed through the parliament.Depending on  the approval in the parliament and possible amendments which could happen we will meet the colleagues in the three countries to resume discussions. This was the discussion. Next week, we will have a round of discussions . There was no protocol signed with anybody’ Virgil Popescu wrote on Facebook.

The minister of economy said that he wanted the Romanian tourists to be able to spend their  holidays abroad safely. ‘Another of my objectives as minister of tourism is to have as many tourists, Romanian and foreign in Romania. Those who do not want to stay in Romania, let them go somewhere else, but they need to be safe. I was surprised when I heard that Romania does not want it. There was no issue of not wanting, there are Romanian tourists who want to go to Bulgaria, to Greece. Obviously, we want to help them if they want to go to be safe there and we will do whatever it takes as  the Romanian state for it’ Virgil Popescu said.