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Mihail Boldea turned himself in in Kenya

Deputy Mihail Boldea, who was on Sunday night at the Romanian consulate in Nairobi stated on Monday afternoon that there are issues with getting a plane ticket to come back home, as there are no vacant seats, but he will be helped to find a ticket.

Asked if when he left for Kenya he did not buy a return ticket, the deputy Mihail Boldea asked affirmatively, saying that he was to come back to Romania on Tuesday through Istambul.
He said that he did not want to come back through Istambul for fear he might be kept as Turkey had different regulations and he wanted to come back to Romania through a European country” in case something happened. Boldea said he would be accompanied, probably by somebody from the Romanian Consulate in Nairobi.

Mihail Boldea also stated that he hoped he got back to Romania as soon as possible, considering that in the country he could defend himself from the ‘abuse’ he was pressured to, launching accusations at the address of the DIICOT prosecutors of Galati, who investigated his case and who “broke the law”.
Boldea said at present he was in a “ location” given by the Romanian Consulate in Nairobi, until all formalities were accomplished for his coming back into the country.
The deputy also said that at the respective location he was brought by a car on Sunday night.
Valentin Boldea stated for TVR Info that his brother Mihail Boldea presented himself at the Romanian Consulate in Nairobi in the name of the deputy having been issued an international arrest warrant. According to the quoted source, the deputy Mihai Boldea turned himself in on Sunday night to the Romanian authorities in Kenya. No judicial authority in Bucharest confirms the information according to which the deputy Boldea turned himself in.