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Mark Gitenstein, confirmed as US ambassador to Romania

The American Senate confirmed on Wednesday the nomination by president Barack Obama of several ambassadors among whom the one for Romania Mark Gitestein.
Together with Gitenstein there were confirmed ambassadors for France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, India, Kosovo, Oman and Tunis.
The US ambassador to France will be Charles Rivkin, the chairman of a company of audiovisual products, Wildbrain, member of Homeland Security Advisory Council who advises the administration on Security matters. A Yale graduate in Political Science and International Relations, he has also obtained an MBA in Harvard.
Louis Susman, former banker of Citigroup will go to London. As Rivkin he contributed to the financing of the presidential campaign in 2008 and the nomination of the two was the target for their lack of experience in foreign policy.
The former democrat parliamentary Timothy Roemer was confirmed as ambassador to New Delhi whose relations with Washington improved over the last ten years.
Laurie Susan Fulton was confirmed to Denmark, Christopher William Dell to Kosovo, Richard Schmierer to Oman, Mark Henry Gitenstein to Romania and Gordon Gray to Tunis.



Monday, July 13, 2009