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Klaus Iohannis  summoned CSAT for 27 June; on the agenda the topic of Rosia Montana has been added

President Klaus Iohannis summoned the meeting of the Supreme Council for the Country Defence (CSAT) for Wednesday 27 June 12:00 with the view to preparing the objectives of Romania for the NATO Summit in Brussels, informs the presidential administration.

According to the quoted source, the agenda of the meeting includes topics referring to the objectives of Romania for the NATO Summit of Brussels (2018) and the armed forces of Romania which could be presented for the participation to missions and operations outside the territory of the Romanian state, in 2019.

The future Summit NATO will take  place in Brussels between 11-12 July 2018.

The topic Rosia Montana will be included on the agenda of the meeting of CSAT of 27 June, at the request of premier Viorica Dancila, informs the presidential administration.

‘The president is worried about the topic of Rosia Montana. The topic was included on the agenda of the CSAT meeting of 27 June’ the presidential administration said.

The spokesperson of the government Nelu Barbu stated on Wednesday that he could not offer a viewpoint of the topic.

‘At present I cannot offer a viewpoint of the government. As it happened in a government meeting it is not clear to me when this action was taken. I don’t know any details’ he said after the meeting of the government Nelu Barbu.

The ambassador of Romania to UNESCO Adrian Cioroianu stated last week  that stopping the process of inclusion of Rosia Montana in the UNESCO heritage at the request of the government is a new situation, as they had already received the recommendation to be included in the list of world heritage.

The ministry of culture sent on 4 January 2017 to UNESCO the file ‘ The cultural mining landscape Rosia Montana’ to be included  in the world heritage.