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Klaus Iohannis met the European Commission delegation to discuss about Brexit and the EU budget post-2020


President Klaus Iohannis discussed on Friday at the Cotroceni Palace with a delegation of the European Commission about the taking over by Romania of the presidency of the  Council of the European Union, the UK exit from the EU and the future European budget. The delegation included the European Commission Secretary-General Martin Selmayr and the Head of Cabinet of the President of the Commission Clara Martinez Alberola.

‘The discussions focused mainly on the topic  of the future presidency of Romania at the Council of the European Union. The issues connected to the future of the European Union were discussed such as the process of withdrawal of the UK from the Union and the future budget of the Union post-2020. During the meeting, president Klaus Iohannis presented the priorities of the Presidency of Romania to the Council of the European Union and expressed his appreciation for the good cooperation with the European Commission until now, pleading for a consolidated collaboration with the Commission during the mandate of Romania.The president of Romania said that, during the presidency of the Council of the European Union our country will act as a honest broket and facilitator for consensus among the member states of the Union and the European institutions so that it could contribute to the significant advancement of the legislative and non-legislative files to be managed during this period’sent on Friday the Presidential Administration in a press release.

Iohannis said during the reunion that he intended that the Summit in Sibiu on 9 May 2019 be an important moment for the EU strategy.

‘President Klaus Iohannis mentioned that the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union places the citizen at its core. In this way, everything will be done to offer the European citizens concrete results and contribute in this way,  to the shaping of a stronger Union, more democratic and closer to the its citizens. Connected to the future of the European Union the President of Romania mentioned that the Summit in Sibiu of 9 May 2019 proposes to be an important moment through the drawing up of the future strategic agenda of the Union for the period 2019 -2024’ according to the quoted source.

The head of state pleaded at the Cotroceni palace that the future EU budget be a balanced one.

‘With regards to the future of the Multiannual Financial Framework post -2020 President Klaus Iohannis mentioned the fact that the Union needs a future balanced budget, capable to offer an adequate answer to the new challenges of the Union, as well as adequate financing of the traditional policies -  cohesion and agriculture – in order to achieve the European long-term objectives. In this sense, the President of Romania said that our country will act for significant progress in the negotiation of the future budget of the Union. Taking into consideration the fact that the withdrawal of the UK should take place during Romania’s mandate at the Presidency of the Council of the European Union President Klaus Iohannis mentioned the fact that our country will treat with maximum attention this folder, as the finalisation of the negotiations is a priority and the Agreement of Withdrawal as well as the implementation of this agreement and transitional arrangements  after the date of 29 March 2019’ the press release says.

In his turn, the General Secretary of the European Commission wanted to assure the Romanian party that they will benefit from the help of the European institution to carry out the mandate at the Council of the European Union and expressed her hope regarding the substantial evolutions in the main folders  which Romania is going to manage in the first semester of 2019.