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Klaus Iohannis: I flatly reject proposals for interim ministers


President Klaus Iohannis announced on Thursday that he flatly rejects the proposals for interim ministers. "The crisis we are in is generated by the PSD [Social Democratic Party] through the irresponsible behavior towards ruling Romania. This crisis, which the PSD and all their allies have been responsible for these years, tends to get worse and have more and more serious consequences, which will be felt by all citizens. The conflicts of the governing coalition, the PSD's desperation to remain in power, the internal struggles and the bargaining for positions have nothing to do with the real agenda of the Romanians. I do not condone such a petty political game and, as such, I reject categorically the proposals submitted for the interim ministers", the president said in a press statement at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

Iohannis mentioned that the current Government has changed its political composition, and, under these conditions, the Constitution states, "unequivocally, what the prime minister has to do." In this regard, the president specified that it is the "duty and obligation" of Viorica Dancila to "urgently" go to Parliament in order to obtain the validation vote.

In his opinion, the Government "no longer has legitimacy" before Romanians as of 26 May, when the citizens sanctioned by vote the current Government. "Now, the Government has no political legitimacy anymore and this explains the fear of the Prime Minister to stand before the Legislature. The solution is not to prolong the crisis through appointing interim ministers, but to settle the situation as soon as possible in Parliament. This is the only way the Government can try to regain its political legitimacy," said Iohannis.

Iohannis considers that it's "ridiculous" for a party to complain that it is not allowed to govern in the context in which, over two and a half years, they changed 3 governments and 80 ministers. 

"These are incredible figures, which show how much instability and problems - from the strictly administrative ones to the ones regarding policies and their continuity - the changing of a minister in a ministry can generate. Yet things have not stopped here. The 80 minister figure has the addition of 35 requests for dismissal or resignation, which in their turn we can say they generate anything but stability. These days, even, Mrs. Prime Minister wants to change no less than 8 ministers, meaning a third of the Government," said the President, on Thursday, at the Cotroceni Palace.

He mentioned that "through the huge number of ministers changed", but also through the fact that each time the changes came following in-fighting in the Social Democratic Party (PSD), practically the PSD, this entire period, has "hollowed out the position of minister, making it irrelevant".

"I am warning the PSD to rapidly end this political crisis, which can turn into a crisis with direct effects on the citizens. PSD risks leading Romania in an impasse, which means delays in the payment of pensions and salaries," the President stated.

As regards the fact that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila claims that, through the resignation of the ministers from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), the Government is blocked, as the former ALDE ministers did not delegate their attributions, matter which may lead to the impossibility of paying the personnel, the head of state said "Hark! That is after I kept the resignations for a week, so there is time to solve technical issues. But if this happened it is very grave and it is completely the Prime Minister's fault, as she had to ensure, before the ministers left, that the activity of the ministries will not be blocked. This situation leads to two possible conclusions: either Mrs. Dancila did not know it was her responsibility, which shows incompetence, either she wanted to take advantage of this context in order to artificially prolong the moment of the vote in Parliament, which would be incredibly grave, because her loyalty towards the citizens of Romania is in question."