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Joseph Daul, the EPP leader about Iohannis decision to have a referendum: He is right, I totally support him 200%


The President of the European People’s Party (EPP) Joseph Daul said on Wednesday in Sibiu that president Iohannis was ‘right’ when he organized the referendum and he supported him ‘200%’ stating that at stake is the rule of law, independent justice, fight against corruption and the answer is in the hands of the people.

‘I hope things happen in this way and I say that as the president of PPE. What I ask the Romanian citizens is to answer this referendum. The stake is connected to the rule of law, independent justice, fight against corruption. That is why Klaus Iohannis organized the referendum. He is right and I support him 200%. The people must express their decision. The answer is in the hands of the people’ Joseph Daul said.

The PPE president Joseph Daul stated on Wednesday in Sibiu that PNL and the centre right parties in PPE of Romania represent some important allies in the campaign in European parliament elections and that together they defend the independence of justice, the rule of law and freedom.

‘Together we defend independent justice, rule of law and liberty. Similarly,these elements are very important for us all and for me personally such as independent justice, rule of law and fight against corruption. A vote for PNL is a vote which allows the strengthening of the role of Romania in Europe. PNL is the only to win the elections, removing PSD from power’ Joseph Daul said.

‘I want to welcome the courage and determination of the Romanians who went out in the streets to express their disagreement against PSD and the road their country was taking. PNL and PPE must answer the unrest of the European citizens’ Daul added.

According to him, the developments in Romania are ‘scandalous’, because the rule of law, independent judiciary and the fight against corruption are not respected.

Joseph Daul hailed “Romanians’ courage and determination when taking to the streets to express disagreement with the direction the country is heading”, adding that he 200% supports President Klaus Iohannis for the referendum in May on issues concerning the judiciary, ziare.com reports.

On March 26, Joseph Daul said that thPSD-ALDE ( ruling colition) actions regarding the judiciary in Romania are incompatible with the rule of law and with European treaties. Daul urged the Government to consider the Venice Commission recommendations.

The EPP leader said at the time that the ruling coalition’s actions affect Romania’s fight against corruption and the good functioning of the judiciary.