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Jobs of driver, medical assistant, call center operator and accountant in top 2024 preferences

The positions of driver, medical assistant, call-center operator and accountant have been in the preference top of candidates since the beginning of the year to the present day, according to an analysis made by eJobs recruiting platform.


With 54,000 searches, the position of driver was the most visited by candidates this year. Most of them were interested in opportunities available for B category drivers, truck or distribution drivers, according to the mentioned analysis.


The months of January and February came with a 5% increase of the total number of applications compared to the same period of 2023, which shows that the market is closely followed by candidates and is closely visited for new jobs. In fact, we expected this market dynamics, in conditions in which an opinion poll made at the end of 2023 showed that 56% of responding candidates had planned a job change for 2024,”said Bogdan Badea, eJobs.ro CEO, in a press release on Thursday.


The second most successful position was that of medical assistant, with 20,000 interrogations on eJobs.ro, followed by call center operator (17,000), accountant and human resource specialist, each with 11,000 searches. Fifth ranking are the key words “remote”and “home”, used in over 9,000 searches made by candidates this year.


According to Salario data, eJobs wage comparing site, the average net salary of people employed as drivers varies between 3,500 lei and over 10,000 lei, when we speak about international truck drivers. The average net salary of a medical assistant is 4,800 lei, and that of a call center operator is 3,500 lei. The average salary of an accountant is 4,500 lei per month, while a human resource specialist makes about 4,200 lei monthly. These average salaries reflect data from all counties and for employees holding those positions, but who can have different levels of experience, representatives of the recruiting platform say.


An important is held by jobs which allow wrking from home, recording a high number of searches and a share of 13.9% of all applications in January and February – 240,000 applications. Referring to the number of searches we are talking about 9,000 searches for he terms “home”and “remote”. Other positions which generated over 5,000 searches were those of manager, engineer, economist, sales agent or commercial worker,” said Bogdane Badea.


Now, there are 25,000 jobs available on eJobs. Of them, 3,500 are positions for drivers, 4,700 for medical assistants, 500 for accountants and 1,700 for specialists in human resources. At the same time, 1,000 jobs posted on the platform now are remote.


The job platform offers access to a base of over 5 million resumes.