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Iranian Ambassador in Bucharest is summoned at MAE for statements on antimissile shield

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bucharest Bahador Aminian Jazi was summoned on Monday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). During the meeting the Romanian side requested clarifications in connection with the statements he made as part of an interview given by the Iranian diplomat on the aim of deploying the antimissile shield in Romania's territory. According to a press release issued by MAE on Monday, the Romanian side appreciated that such statements did not have a constructive character. Ambassador Bahador Aminian Jazi was also reminded of the fact that the EPAA (European Phased Adaptive Approach) was a strictly defensive system and therefore, by its very nature, it could not be directed against a certain state, also reads the MAE release. In an interview published by the Romanian mass media on Monday the Iranian official had said that the deployment of the elements of the American antimissile shield in the Romanian territory was directed against Russia and was aimed to leave this state without portection.