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Iohannis: No reason why not use all EU approved vaccines

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that there is a stage of growth in the number of infections with the novel coronavirus, and the situation is still "under control", but "things can evolve rapidly in a negative direction", saying that there are no reasons not to use all vaccines approved at European level.

"Unfortunately, we are again faced with a stage of visible growth in the number of infections reported daily and in increasing pressure on intensive care units. This new wave may be the very last, given that the vaccination process is in full process and the number of people vaccinated increases from day to day. The situation is still under control, but things can quickly evolve in a negative direction. There is a need for responsibility and a new national effort now," Iohannis said.

He said the chance to escape the pandemic is closer every day, adding that prudence cannot be given up right now.

"The only methods that have been scientifically proven to stop the pandemic are restrictive measures and immunisation of a significant number of people. We need to make informed decisions, based on the specialists' recommendations and, so far, there are no reasons why we should not use all vaccines approved at European level. Until we reach group immunity through vaccination we will have to take specific measures, measures applied where the epidemiological situation requires it, in order to weaken the pressure on hospitals. Dear Romanians, let us remain vigilant and cautious, and in this way help their loved ones," the president said.



Thursday, March 18, 2021